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I like technology, so my first choice was actually Ford Explorer. It has the most integrated technology "on paper", and the new generation Explorer looks good and the cabin is way better than the old generation. However, the technology Ford put together didnot work. The My Ford Touch is buggy and needs constant reboot, not by restart the car, but disconnect the battery cable or pull a fuse. There are also numerous other problems, even in its third model year, many are not technology related, such as "A" pillar rattle, rain noise, window strickes, cooling fan problems. In the end, unless you are a die hard Ford fan, you have to walk away.

My second choce was MDX, the so called best in the segment by many. However, the technology is old, ten years in a row without much change. The GPS input is based on a dial, not touch screen, no bird eye view, or anything, the display is even not integrated, the GPS, radio and AC all have their own display, no intelligent key, no remost start, and the cabin looks plain and not luxarious at all. Very difficult to get into the third row, which is very small. The SHAWD is nice, but the MDX is a gas guzzler. I don't like the look of the MDX, the older ones are much better.

There are then not much left, Q7 is too expensive. Q5 is too small. I also looked at the FX35, it is too small. The JX is just right in size, technology, and style, it was put together in a very attractive package. A job well done by Infiniti.
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