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The torque rating is kinda of low. Haven't heard official jx curb weights from infiniti yet or acceleration. I don't expect this thing to be THAT fast.
The 2010 Cadillac srx weighs 42-4400 lbs and originally came with a 3.0l v6 that had 265 hp but only 223 tq high in the rev range. I can attest that if felt low on tq but put it in the sport mode and it was okay.
I'm thinking the jx will feel a little bit stronger since it has a little more tq. Plus it has a cvt which is more efficient at putting the power to the wheels, in addition it probably won't have the downshifting issues on hills that the 3.0l srx had because of the cvt.
Wonder why they didnt put the 290 hp version in?
But I am looking fwd to driving it. Most impressed with the rear legroom and it looks to be very luxurious inside.
My wife's 04 tahoemis only getting 16.3 mpgs on the hwy at 79 mph. If the jx has decent power it might be our next vehicle.
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