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Do you plan to get the floor mats or cargo mat, and why are they so much better than stock?

I've seen their ads and the mat pics look very basic, like cheap plastic. I'm sure I'm wrong, but what am I missing?
Yes, we will be getting the full package of mats from the dealership and the Infiniti all weather ones to use until Weather Tech comes out with the JX ones. With the rain up here we have to have something to start and it is a small price to pay to protect the carpets. Also not sure how long it may take Weather Tech to get the mats done. I was told possible 6 months.

The Weather Tech are a hard molded plastic and not cheap plastic at all. They fit the inside really well and come up on the sides far higher than any other ones I have ever seen. They are extremly well made and don't break down over the years.We live in the PNW and are always dragging pine needles, water, mud whatever the weather brings up here especially in the winter and they take it all on.

My wife is a bit anal about our cars and always insists on the Weather Tech and I have to say, when we take them out of the car we are trading in, our carpets look like brand new. What we have done is put them on top of the carpeted mats so we are double protected and have never had a issue with them interfearing with the pedals. If there is not enough clearance and they interfear in any way with the pedals,then we take out the carpeted names ones before putting in the Weather Tech.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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