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Anyone here clean or detail their own cars? Just wondering what your steps are for cleaning.

Personally I recommend waxing the car yourself, especially if its brand new. It protects the paint and makes the car much easier to clean in the future.

Washing the car requires 2 buckets = 1 wash and 1 rinse
Both need a product called a grit guard to separate the dirt from the water.
You wash with a high quality microfiber or sheepskin wash mitt and try to apply as least pressure as possible while rinsing the mitt often.

Dry with a quality microfiber drying towel - don't use those shammys! They will scratch your car.

Follow up by using a claybar and claying the whole car using quick detailer as lubrication.

Follow up with either a machine or hand polish with a polishing compound like Meguirs ultimate compound (easy to get)

Then follow up with either a finer finishing polish

Finish by hand waxing the car with a waxing pad and buffing the wax off with a microfiber cloth.

These are the steps I generally take to detail my car. For touch up washes I either head to a touchless car wash or to a coin wash with spot free rinse. On weekends when I have time I give it a nice hand wash with lots of soap.
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