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I've been asked to assist with moderation of the new and improved Infiniti QX60 forum and have accepted. I'll continue to monitor this site and when possible, will try to direct items of interest to JX or QX owners or those leasing to the new site. Its a big improvement and runs faster. If you haven't registered yet, I recommend you join this forum:

Once again, I am unpaid and not affiliated with Infiniti or Auto Guide. I am a JX35 owner and have been participating on this forum for some time now and just care about Infiniti and Nissan products. I find that forums are the best place to get answers about products and to get the word out to those interested when issues arise. If you are interested in purchasing or leasing the 2013 JX or Infiniti QX60, this is a good place to get feedback from a good group of people.

Bob O'Brien
Gig Harbor, WA
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