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I recently had the chance to check out the all-new Infiniti JX, a new crossover that has taken very specific aim at the Acura MDX. After a very brief time with this hot new number, I think their aim was true.

I've never found the MDX to be terribly inspired or interesting. It's luxury. It has a third row. And that is about the sum of its achievements.

The JX, however, has several features that will make this a clear win for luxury crossover buyers. The coolest (IMHO) is the second-row seat that slides enough to let a third-row passenger scoot to the back -- while keeping a car seat perfectly latched.

No one has mastered this feature yet, so Infiniti launches the JX with a world-first.

The lever to activate the slide is relatively easy to maneuver, and once the seat is in its full-forward position, someone my size could easily slide into the third-row. Getting the seat back into its regular position required a little grunt, but it wasn't unmanageable.

Overall, this feature is well worth a complete and utter rave. Well, played, Infiniti!
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