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It’s one thing to put your logo on a car. It’s another to go to these lengths.

Presenting the best corporate and promotional vehicles we could find. There’s —- on the list and they are all head turners. Definitely worth the effort, these are brands themselves! The crazy and the clever, having your brand talked about is certainly happening for these companies.

1) Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile

This has become an American icon; a hotdog and a bun on wheels, traveling the country showing up at events that are Werner-worthy. The Wienermobile is so popular they have their own Wikipedia page!

Be sure to check out the official Oscar Mayer facebook page for all the updates & info from the Wienermobile’s Good Mood Mission tour & other adventures across the US.

2) Mutt Cutts van

Although its a fictional van from the movie Dumb & Dumber, there are many mobile (and regular) dog grooming companies in North America with that name. The van still shows up here and there so we thought – hey, its still promoting! The design might be a BIT primitive, but it wins in all categories. It turns heads, fits on the road, can still be used functionally and best of all, the logo is right on the side. err… the dog’s side.

3) RedBull Mini Coopers

Just like a case of RedBull, there are more than one of these Mini Coopers with a RedBull strapped on its back. The thing we like here is that is a small car, like the RedBull can is smaller than a usual can. And secondly, RedBull just does things in a big way. Like Sebastian Vettel doing donuts in Berlin, or the XGames athletes, or…. the list goes on and on. What we would like to see; 10 RedBull Minis, with professional drivers that RedBull sponsors in each racing category tearing it up on the track.

4) Mini Countryman promo car

Thanks to No Good At Coding for posting this one. Everything Mini does turns out great from a marketing perspective. And with BMW’s latest, the marketing bug seems to be rubbing off. Yes, the Countryman is bigger, “hey why not carry around an original Mini Cooper to show just how much bigger and stronger I am.”

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5) Stroh’s Beer Hot Rods

Stroh’s Beer Hot Rods we didn’t even know about! We saw these on Hemmings Daily and they are pretty cool. Built by Ron Wharton in the 1980s these cars almost made it as a production vehicle. If you see some other companies with these Pop Top Can Cars send us the pics!

They allowed us to use remanufactured engines and transaxles. I was able to create new titles for these vehicles which were titled as new Pop Top Can Cars, 1982, 1983 etc. The buyers received a manufactures certificate of origin in order to get a new title for the vehicle. There is a gold plate in the center of every dash panel with the car production number. We were only allowed to make 300 vehicles per year which kept us from having to meet major auto manufacturers safety requirements. All of the fiberglass parts, the assembling, the upholstery and the hand painting were done by us. In two years time, we developed quite an operation, in fact we built a small factory to do this.

6) Easigrass Smart Car

Fash Catherine posted this Smart Car after seeing it again and again and again. It worked for EasiGrass;

I see this little car everyday parked outside work, and felt compelled to share it with you. Since taking these snaps, I have investigated and found loads of grass covered cars out and about on the roads. This one is a promo car for the artificial turf company ‘Easigrass‘. The car suddenly seeming much more exciting than what it is promoting. But nevertheless, an amazingly fabulous PR tool!

7) Royale Bathmobile

I certainly hope you never need toilet paper this size while on the can, but it made you look. Royale put this together for a 2011 tour of outdoor events and fundraising for Cancer. A good cause an great attention grabber.

8) Hidden Valley’s Ranch Rover

“Come try our famous ranch.” is what those huge bottles of Hidden Valley Ranch is screaming on the back of that truck. Pretty cool for what could have been a very bland tasting station. Defined Designs put together this truck for numerous stops of veggie and ranch tasting.

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9) Hershey’s Chocolate S’mores truck

Hershey’s Chocolate has it pretty good, they make Chocolate and all box trucks are basically shaped like their product. So we like how much they thought outside the box with this one. Defined Designs worked with Hershey to create a mobile S’mores trailor and a wicked pick-up.

10) all you can eat lobster

Is there something wrong with this lobster being attached to a Volkswagen Beetle… I’ll go for the lobster, but I certainly won’t go if there’s bugs on the menu.

11) reebok roadster

Surprisingly, there aren’t more sneaker-cars. So many signature athlete’s sneakers have elements inspired by cars; most notably the Air Jordan XIV inspired by Michael Jordan’s Ferrari 575 Maranello and Kobe Bryant’s The Kobe by Adidas being inspired by the Audi TT.
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