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Thank you Infiniti Consumer Affairs for making things right for me.

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I just wanted to share my JX lease experience for those interested in a horror story, but with a good ending.

In early May, I went to lease my JX from a local dealer which was not the closest to me, but had the vehicle exactly as I wanted optioned and the right exterior color. The only compromise from my order at the closer dealer was graphite instead of java interior that we wanted.

During my test drive, the salesman basically made up lies to questions that I had already researched. I was just checking to see if he had the honesty to reply, "I don't know" or "I'm not sure." I already knew pretty much everything I needed to know from online research. He basically just made up answers that sounded to good. That showed me his mentality for our interactions.

During the negotiations, which were out on the public showroom floor with other customers eavesdropping on me (despite numerous empty private offices), they lied to me about the money factor on the lease and tried to jack it up to make more profit while telling me it was a lower number. I had my own lease calculator and caught them. They finally relented and came back with the right numbers and I went to finance, where I ended purchasing an prepaid Elite Maintenance plan for a decent price.

Of course they asked me to give them Excellent when Infiniti gave me the survey. I don't just give a good grade because you ask for it; you have to earn it, which they did not. That's like a high school teacher giving a student with C work an A on the report card, just because he asked for it.

About a week after the survery was returned with about an overall C- grade, I got an email from the salesman that really surprised me and upset me. My response was to post a 1 out of 5 star for the dealer's Yelp review. I also forwarded the email to Infiniti Consumer Affairs for their input.

Here's the email:

"Dear XXX,

I'm just writing to say that of all the customers I served in the car industry, stood out above all others. Leasing you the 2013 JX35, which you seem to truly enjoy, was a unique experience. Even though I attended to you for two days, and you got the best deal on a JX we gave anyone, you felt the need to shred me in your review, ask for another hundred dollars off in finance, and then ask me all friendly to set up your account. Who do you think you are? those reviews mean a lot, and you gave the worst ever. You're an entitled snob. You and your wife fell into an affluent life, are dull, and don't appreciate the people you step on, probably on a daily basis. Keep leading your insular life and enjoy your money, because your character is severely lacking. I wouldn't trade places with you for anything. You're a jerk. "

Unbelievable, right? I couldn't make something up like that!

The day after the Yelp posting, the general manager of the auto group (3 brands) responded to the Yelp review that the salesman was no longer with them and that he would do what he could to make things after sincere apologies. We eventually spoke and they will provide me with a set of Infiniti All-Weather mats for the JX as well as Splash Guards at dealer invoice price with no labor charge. He was originally going to give me a couple of services for free, but I already had the service plan.

Infiniti Consumer Affairs took about a week for a rep to be assigned to my case, and they also called to profusely apologize. She offered a 2 year maintenance plan to me. I said that I already purchased one. She found no indication of it in the records and thought that the dealer did NOT file the paperwork properly. Another ding on that dealer. She went ahead and set up the 3 year, 45K plan as we had originally purchased and refunded the WHOLE maintenance plan cost to me! That made me really believe that Infiniti truly cares about their customers and wants to do what's right. Thank you, Infiniti Consumer Affairs.

It's too bad one rotten apple can spoil the whole crop at that dealership. I wonder how that salesman likes unemployment.
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rotten apple is always a rotten apple just hope dealers are smart an they respect their customers!
Wow, truely unbievable! But glad they correct it for you.
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