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Baker Infiniti had the jx on display for a short period of time today.
First off, I am extremely tall at 6'8" but am able to fit into most cars.
We currently own a GTO, CTS and a Tahoe.
I sometimes will even pull the seat up, especially on the cts and still have enough knee room.

As soon as I opened the doors I noticed that the seats seemed narrow and the seat bottoms were on the short side. In the backseat, there is a flat floor so my legs were up kind of high but I did have enough legroom (class leading 41"). With the front seat all the way back.

I then sat in the front seat and my knee was in the console and near the push to start button. I rocked the seat bottom up and reclined the seat back and got comfortable enough. Again the seats seemed small as did the seat bottoms. In the pics the seats look big and comfy.
I don't ever ding a car for lack of thigh support because my legs are so long I wouldn't get any no matter what they did.

My guess is that Infiniti went for class leading rear legroom and limited front seat travel. Also since this a fwd vehicle with a flat floor the seats are not as high up as I am used to ( there is no well for your feet but no transmission hump either).

The cargo area with the 3rd row down was huge and very usable.

Beautiful soft plastics with nice graining inside.

Doors were a little tinny sounding when opening.

I think they will do well with the jx. It hits a lot of hot buttons for people and is expensive looking. The paint was beautiful.

I am also looking at other CUVs but have not ruled out the jx. I want to go back for a second look.
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