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The Nissan Juke-R was impressive. Will we see an Infiniti version of the supercar-killer soon?

Infiniti is looking over "three or four proposals for what could top the range, including a GT-R based sports car," according to the head of advanced planning for Infiniti in Tokyo Francois Bancon. Speaking to CAR, he continued, saying that "It's too good a platform to use only on one model." From where we are sitting, that sounds like great news.As Nissan's luxury arm, Infiniti could, in effect, create a model designed for top-end class and comfort along with supercar performance.

The Nissan GT-R, known affectionately as Godzilla, is an emperor of sorts on the street thanks to its sheer power and relatively modest price tag.

According to Bancon, adding some leather seats and technology to the GT-R wouldn't be enough, as its powerful 542hp 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine would have to be toned down a notch to give the car some smoothness. He says "it would have to be softer than the GT-R, and that's extremely difficult to do. You can't easily tweak the GT-R to deliver the sophisticated, more refined performance we would need on an Infiniti."

In any case, the model wouldn't be able to hit production for at least five years.

The Japanese luxury brand will make the decision to build a new model in the next two or three years, however production wouldn't start until the new, smaller Infiniti model in 2015 has been released.We will wait with baited breath for their decision, for if the Emperor were to receive new clothes, oh what clothes they could be.

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