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QX60 Hybrid Loses Power on Acceleration

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Hi ,
Am the proud owner of a QX60 Hybrid. Love the vehicle, but one issue is really driving me crazy. When you need to accelerate and put the "Pedal to the metal" the vehicle consistently suffers almost an immediate power loss. Its like the old days when I was first learning how to drive a standard, and a dropped the clutch too quickly.

It makes you think the vehicle is going to stall.

I brought to my local dealers attention, and they were able to replicate on other Hybrids as well. Apparently its consistent across the whole product line.They checked with National and they confirmed its normal behaviour.

Its a little scary, as the vehicle literally hesitates - which when you're making a left turn, or going across oncoming traffic, makes you worry.... Certainly not something I've experienced driving other manufacturer's hybrids.

I made a youtube video so people could see for themselves:

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas or suggestions?
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