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protecting the leather

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What does everyone do to try to protect the leather on the JX? I hate how leather looks when it becomes glossy and starts to harden and crack.

I've read that conditioners aren't a good idea.
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Google leather 'treatment', most are just for looks/gloss.
I have done some research. I heard there are protectants you can use that prevent the leather from UV damage and drying up.
^Pricey, but my fav. brand and very well loved by car detailers/folks.
I've also found a product called Optimum Protectant that many seem to like. Anyone ever heard of it?
Chk w/the detailer guy on this forum for recommendations.
Was anyone else offered the DuPont Auto Protection Package? After reading up on it and an impressive test done for me, this is the route I took before I picked up the car.
What was the impressive test that was performed for you?
I was happy just with what I read and it gave my wife a lot of peace of mind because of the kids, but then as a test, I was shown a piece of DuPont supplied paper where only half of it was treated. It was then dipped in coke. The side that was not treated was discolored and could be easily pulled apart, fell apart really, and the half that was treated did not discolor and couldn't be pulled apart. I like DuPont as a company so after all that, we decided to do it. The dealer told me that not many Infiniti dealers carry it but because the dealer owned a Mercedes dealer too, it was part of his deal with DuPont. I wasn't sure how much of that was true, but after researching, I did find many Mercedes dealers carrying it (and others), but only one Infiniti dealer in the U.S., in California. I'm not totally sure of DuPont's info though so was curious if any other Infiniti dealers had offered it to anyone. I knew nothing about this DuPont's process before this though. I guess time will tell if it was worth it or not.
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No problem. The one I was at was Ray Catena Infiniti of Bridgewater in NJ. Ray has another Infiniti dealership in Edison, NJ too but can't remember where his Mercedes dealership is. The only other Infiniti dealer I could find offering the process was Infiniti of Oakland in Oakland, Ca. but I'm not sure DuPont's site is totally up to date.
Happy belated Veteran's Day by the way.
I am a former detailer and most Non-European car manufacturers use a coated leather not the tanned dyed leather that higher end European cars have used. This coating prevents most creams from penetrating the leather. It you have owned a Japanese car for a long time you have noticed the color peals off wear points like the drivers bolster leaving raw leather exposed then tears easily. The pealing is the coating that contains the color. I have had my JX for only a month and have not spent time detailing yet to see if it coated yet. The product I have used in the past that I have been most satisfied with is Leatherique. I have never seen a product hydrate and protect leather better. If the leather is a coated product it is tough to hydrate because the pores are sealed and it most soak in at the seams to get under the coating.

With coated leather you are often only cleaning the leather never really conditioning it.
With Leatherique Leather Oil if you apply to oil to coated leather and let it sit in the sun for a long period of time (usually with a garbage bag overtop or plastic wrap. It will soak into treated japanese leather. The JX is treated/coa leather. I think most japanese cars are.

Having the leather coated doesn't mean you don't have to care for the leather. Keeping it clean of oils is important to stop it from developing a gloss. And I find hydrating the exterior with conditioner stops the coating from peeling as quickly. Of course not rubbing against the leather with anything abrasive is a preventive step as well.
Just cleaned and conditioned my leather this weekend. I used to good ol trusted Lexol cleaner followed by the conditioner. Cleaned the leather of all the greasy grimy stuff from my kids and the conditioner leaves the leather just like it was factory delivered. No shiny sheen. The only downside is that using the Lexol is a bit of a longer process than some of the newer conditioner/cleaners. You have to clean the leather with a damp cloth or sponge with the conditioner and then wife off everything with a damp cloth and let dry. The leather is totally clean now and ready for the conditioner. Apply conditioner with a sponge or cloth, work into leather and let dry and then buff any remaining off for a matte no slip finish.

I've heard good things about the Adam's line of stuff and just order their cleaner and conditioner to give it a try to see if it saves me some time.
Lexol has been a tried and true product for basic leather care.

I wouldn't worry too much about saving time as long as the end result is good. It's important to protect the leather seats. Noone likes to see worn out dirty leather.

Let us know how the Adams products works!
My skin protection procedure is very simple, I first wipe the skin lightly with a microfiber towel, then I vacuum the seats, then I clean it with a steam cleaner, and treat it with a protective agent. When choosing a tool, be careful and pay attention to reviews on the Internet. For example, if you want to buy an Optima steam cleaner, then compare it with other models Do not buy the Optima steamer before reading this because it may not be very and efficient. Happy detailing.
Let's keep it simple. I don't have much patience.
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