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Is anyone else still having problems with the "passenger airbag off" warning light staying on while driving with an adult over 150 pounds in the front passenger seat? This has been an ongoing problem for me since purchasing the car in 2012, but recently it is happening several times a week. I have complained to the dealer since purchasing the car, but they can never find anything wrong. The recalls did not make any difference. Until this year, I am guilty of letting the problem go because I was usually the only person in the car. Over the past year, we have begun using the car more as a family vehicle, and we have noticed the problem nearly every week.

After getting no satisfaction from the dealer, I asked for a contact number at Nissan/Infiniti corporate to register a complaint. On August 26, 2015, an expert from the factory met me at the dealership to review my problem. I provided him with a 6 minute video covering a portion of one drive to dinner when the light did not go off until the car was turned off and restarted. He watched the video, but declined to accept a copy offered on a flash drive. He spent about 45 minutes asking me repeatedly if I had read the owner's manual and explaining that the problem must be due to not using the seat properly. I reminded him that he had just watched a video showing how the seat was used. They kept the car for a day, and as usual could not duplicate the problem. They did a "zero reset" and torqued the seat bolts. The system had no faults and was working as designed according to their report.

Over the past 3 days the problem has occurred 3 more times. Today I filed a complaint with the NHTSA, and I placed another call to Infiniti Customer Care. Based my followup conversation with Infiniti after the tech rep visit in August, I do not expect any action.

If you have had the problem and been successful getting Infiniti to resolve the issue, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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