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Gotta agree with Bob and others...I'd have never paid any attention to this "review," had I read it before my purchase decision. It just reads too much like the blathering of an idiot who enjoys the sound of his own voice, rather than someone who can make an objective (and informed) evaluation and comparison. I second Sjyokel's BS flag on the Odyssey claim, too. Really? Let's not stop about "numbing gel," "mushy peas," "trolling for Kenny G," and "goose droppings?!?" Puh-leez! Just smacks of vitriol, whimsy, and self-serving nonsense. All thrust, no vector. And to make any comparisons at all between the JX and the Explorer really takes the cake. Might I be biased because I own a JX? Sure. But, as someone who traded an Explorer for the JX, and also as someone who chose the JX over the ML, X5, Q7, MDX, and RX - all of which I drove and seriously considered and researched - I can honestly say I do not believe this is an unbiased, objective opinion. Paid hatchet-job, that's my guess. It's just way too far afield.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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