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Hi to all Nissan specialists out there.

My customers is the proud owner of a Nissan Pathfinder S 2013 and the time has now come installing the OEM roof rack cross bars. The problem is the S model doesn't have the factory installed side rails and no aftermarket manufacturer can provide anything at the moment.

Since my customers can't wait for Thule or Yakima to come up with a solution to my customers (and many other owners) problem, my customers ended up purchasing the side rails and bolts from my customers Nissan dealer (p/n 73820-3KA0A and 73821-3KA0A) in addition to the cross bars MB SD Connect C4.

No dealer or corner mechanic seem to know how to proceed or would simply do the installation work for the side rails. My customers have various opinions going from the need to create a stencil from a Pathfinder already equipped with the side rails to the need to remove the interior headliner in order to drill installation holes.

My customers question is: Does any of you know what is the installation procedure for the side rails?

Many thanks.
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