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New jx with dash noises

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I just baught a JX and only had it for a couple of days before having to take ti back to the dealer for dash noises. They've had it for a week with little improvements. There is also another one at the same dealer for the exact same problem. Has anyone else experianced this problem?
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where on the dash do you hear the noise from?
Somewhere above the stereo and around that area.
Thats weird, no one else on the forum seem to have it reported and no reviewers. Either people aren't picking up on the issue as quick as you are or it's a problem on a select range of JX's.
Welcome to the site and very happy to meet you all and that's great to be here.
Ive had the dash noise problem day 1 after 3 months and 4 trips to the dealer's not solved yet.
I picked up my car July 25th and noticed the same dash rattle in the top speaker area also. Have other forum members with the same problem had the issue resolved? Is there an official fix? or is it hit or miss from the Service Dpartment? I will be dropping mine in for repair July 30th.
I thinks there a few members with the dash noise problem, including myself.

I gave up on the dealer driving my car but not finding anything.
Picking up the car today. Service said they replaced the speaker. Let's hope that solved the problem.
Yup, same dash noises 650km's. Took delivery July 29/2012. Back at the dealer today, will take care of it at first service-we will see.
Got my car back. Dash noises are still there. Contacted salesman to let him know.
Noise finally resolved Infiniti replaced the whole dash panel and vent tubes. What that means is that the whole upper dash area was replaced. This did take quite some time start to finish app. 45 days in the shop, mostly waiting on parts.It took Infiniti engineers to get involved to accomplish this.Good luck to anyone that has this issue! Infiniti is well aware of the issue, but they won't tell you that. They continue to represent this as an isolated incident.
good to know Ill pay attention maybe cause Im always with music at high volume hearing the Bose audio jaja
Anymore people with this issue? I am taking mine back for the 2nd time. They have some sort of notice out that my service guy showed me the first time telling them how to "fix" it. Unfortunately, when they fixed mine, they permanently damaged the dash with the glue or whatever they used. I have to look at that every day. Now a month later, the Noise is back again. It drives me insane. I want to sell my car. Wondering what others have experienced as far as repairs...
It's weird. We've sold dozens of JX's at our dealership and I don't think we've had a single one with this issue. Maybe our clients are all deaf?

Aimshaw, if it is that much of a problem, I'd make a mature, non-accusatory plea to management at your dealership. Explain how much you like the car and everything else seems great, but this problem has really soured your overall experience as an Infiniti owner. If they can't make it right, take your concerns up the chain to Infiniti corporate. Let Infiniti prove to you how much they truly value an excellent overall customer experience. Hopefully either your dealer or Infiniti will come through for you. I've seen them go to pretty extraordinary lengths to ensure customers are happy.
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