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I am in the market to buy a used jx35 and I have few questions.

1. There is any mpg difference between jx35 and qx 60?

2. JX/qx60 reliable compare to Toyota Sienna. How expensive to maintain jx compare to toyota minivan, and is it possible to use local parts for jx or it need to be fixed at the dealer. I never have luxury and I am curious about the maintance cost.

3. I know qx60 is chain driven cvt. I'm not towing anything I read few problems with chain driven cvt. which one would be better.
4. Car fax report is reliable. What are the things I need to look for a cpo jx/ qx60.
5. What would be fair price for a cpo jx/ or qx 60 @ miles around 30,000.

And I am planning to keep the ride for a long term use and what would be an average insurance for 6 months with good driving record.

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated!!!!
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