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Navigation Voice Tags

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I put voice tags on each one of my address entries for my navigation but I can't figure out what the voice tags are used for. Does anyone know what the voice tags are used for?
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I am using an iPhone and also put voice tags but cannot get the system to auto dial just by giving a voice tag name. Car is 2 days old, I was wondering if I am missing a step?
Is there any way to use these voice tags with the Alternate Command Mode on? I still haven't figured out how to get One-Step Dialing to actually be one step, but the idea is that you may hit the talk button and say, "Call <name>" and then it should dial. Same for navigation, after having set up the voice tags for destinations, no? Though I have no idea what the navigation command is. It should be "Go to <destination>" but I know it's not. Does anyone know?!
I believe the command would be "Destination <destination voice tag>", but I'll have to play with this on Wednesday when I'm at work. I know that "Destination Home" will take you to your home if you've programmed in a home location.
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