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They don't concern themselves with value meals or club cards. They spend their days basking in the glory of their riches -- diving into bouncy houses full of cash, swimming in infinity pools filled with Cristal, and jet-setting into different time zones to eat meals that cost more than most tax-payers' monthly paychecks.

They are the elite One Percent, and like their lifestyles, their gadgets are lavish, amazing, and categorically ridiculous. Here are some of the hardware treasures they might be buying with their 2011 tax refunds -- if, in fact, they're paying any taxes at all.

Speakers: Megatrend MkIII - $80,000

The term “wall of sound” is often thrown around too liberally in reference to large stereo systems. But the Megatrend MKIII speakers really do form an actual wall at seven feet tall and more than three feet wide. And that’s just one speaker. They come in pairs.

Each speaker (if you can call it that) comes in two pieces: the aforementioned wall with 24 eight-inch woofers, and an accompanying ribbon-line speaker tower for the high end. With four separate pieces covering the lowest lows to the highest highs, the Megatrend MKIII is a more than just an expensive speaker system -- it’s an audiophile's dream.

According to the manufacturer, Transmission Audio, the Megatrend MKII uses a dipole system that doesn’t rely on a cabinet case, yet delivers superior sound with only an eight-inch baffle. In lay terms, the speaker sounds amazing without having to rely on a deep speaker cabinet.

Watch: Harry Winston Opus 12 - $260,000

While many of us have forsaken wristwatches in favor of smartphones, the wealthy still adorn their wrists with amazing pieces of art. But unlike those Rothko paintings that simply surround the uber-rich with pure abstract emotion, an elite wrist-worn timepiece still fulfills a utilitarian task. Albeit in beautiful fashion.

The Harry Winston Opus 12 forgoes traditional minute and hour hands for startling blue metal arms that resemble daggers. A long hand indicates five-minute intervals, while a short hand indicates hours. A driving wheel turns the hands from grey to blue to indicate the time. At the top of the hour, the inner crown wheel rotates all of the hour hands in succession, then rests on the current hour. All this fancy technology is demonstrated in the video below.

The watch is constructed of 18-karat white gold with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The band is hand-sewn black alligator leather. Announced March 2012, only 120 pieces will be made, so sell your home and get your orders in soon.

Motorcycle: Ecosse Titanium Series RR - $300,000

Before anyone brings up the $555,000 Dodge Tomahawk, let’s agree that it’s barely a motorcycle and more of a four-wheeled abomination. A real motorcycle has two wheels, and is a metaphor for freedom, justice and being a badass while whipping through town.

The Ecosse motorcycle is a piece of art that just happens to blow the doors off of every car you’ve ever owned. With a titanium chassis atop carbon fiber wheels, the bike might empty your bank account, 401(k), and any sort of college fund you've saved up for your kids. But when you’re barreling down the road with 200hp between your legs, you won’t care. You also might want to invest in a gym membership; 210-foot pounds of torque will rip your arms off if you’re not careful.

PC Workstation: MWE Emperor 200 - $45,000
All the ergonomic challenges of sitting at a mass-produced desk should disappear when you settle into the custom-built Emperor 200 -- or at least they better for $45,000. Each scorpion-shaped workstation is hand-built to customer specifications with three monitors, touchscreen control panel, air filtration system, light therapy illumination, and electric powered leather seat.

Upon sitting in the Emperor 200, users tap on the touchscreen to lower the monitors and nestle themselves into a computing bubble worthy of a Bond villain. Because each workstation is built to order, MWE labs can customize each installation to handle different computing platforms, even adding peripherals like iPhone docks. But this level of customization doesn't come quickly. After placing your order, it’ll take six months to build your Emperor 200 -- just enough time to get the volcano hollowed out for your secret lair.

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Toilet: Kohler Numi - $6,400

Calling it a toilet is like calling the Buggati Veyron a car. Never has a toilet been more deserving of the term “throne.” The feature-rich toilet resembles a minimalist work of art, so it's almost a shame that its main function is to collect human waste -- even if the waste is sourced from caviar and $175 burgers.

For the price of a used car, the derrières of the rich and famous are treated to a toilet that not only opens when approached, but also includes a touchscreen interface, and houses a bidet for the cleaning and drying of one's undercarriage. Not only is the adjustable seat heated (like the buckets in a luxury sedan), but a vent blows warm air to keep feet toasty on chilly mornings.

Headphones: Stax SR-009 - $5,250

While Beats by Dre have filled a generation of ears with heavy bass via rapper endorsement, they're not the headphones you’ll find on wealthy audiophiles. Apparently, when the One Percent demand 100 percent from their music, they look to a Japanese company for headphones.

The Stax SR-009 are currently considered one of the best sets of headphones on the market. With a frequency response of 5 - 42,000Hz, it’s no wonder these full-size open electrostatic headphones are adored by audiophiles. Actually, the company doesn’t refer to them as headphones, but rather as earspeakers. For $5,200, we suppose any of us could get a pair if we saved long enough. Oh wait, you need a special $2,000 amplifier to power them. Never mind.

Bike: S-Works + McLaren Venge - $18,000

Purchasing a new road bike is already an expensive endeavor. A top-of-the-line bicycle can cost upward of $2,500. This would explain why so many cyclists can be seen riding at 5 a.m.: They’re trying to get their money’s worth, even if it means cycling 18 hours a day. But for maximum road speed and technology, you turn to racing -- car racing.

The Specialized S-Works +McLaren Venge brings together the usually confrontational worlds of cars and bicycles in a single, lightweight, carbon-fiber rocket. With the help of the McLaren Technology Center, Specialized was also able to improve the stiffness of the frame. So, if you’re looking to go faster not only because your bike was designed by an exotic super-car company, but also because your wallet is significantly lighter, this is the bike to buy.

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Phone: Vertu Constellation Red Gold and Mixed Metals - $13,800

When most people think about high-end phones, they imagine an iPhone encrusted in diamonds and other precious stones. The phone, the operating system, the apps, the services -- they’re all the same features we regular folks enjoy.

But Vertu takes the luxury smartphone to the next step. Sure, it’s running Symbian and uses a Swype keyboard, but in addition to a red gold exterior on the high-end Constellation, the phone also includes around-the-clock concierge service, which you access and track via the pre-installed Concierge Live app. The service helps you get into exclusive clubs, make travel bookings, order fine wines, and even contact a dedicated security specialist.

Oh and you can probably call your friend with it too. Learn more in the video below.

Thumb drive: Victorinox 1TB Swiss Army Knife - $3,000

While “the cloud” has made sharing and moving files a relatively simple process, large files can still choke a network. In fact, once a file hits 1GB, it’s usually quicker to grab a thumb drive. But if a file hits 1TB, it’s time to grab a knife.

The Victorinox 1TB Swiss Army Knife will not only hold every digitized season of Dallas, it also sports a knife, scissors and file. The USB 2.0 thumb drive detaches from the knife so users won’t have a blade hanging off their computer, potentially stabbing people as they walk by. If you’re in the market for 1TB of walk-around data, the knife with be available later this year.

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