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iPhone Bluetooth vs USB.

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Just wondering what everyone thinks works better. I synced the phone over bluetooth for calls. Which does everyone think is better for music playback? I've tried both USB and bluetooth not sure which is better. For longer trips I like the USB cause it will keep your phone charged. Thoughts either way?
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I bought a used Ipod touch 3rd gen on ebay for $120, and keep it plugged into the usb at all times. Because it's flash based, it works quickly and flawlessly as a jukebox.... I really like how Infiniti designed the interface with the Ipod, it blows the toyota/lexus interface out of the water!
I have tried connecting my ipod both ways, USB and Bluetooth, to me the USB way delivers much better sound quality. Plus, using the USB way lets you use the JX's interface to control the ipod! So much easier to control the ipod this way while driving.
I agree with rocket. I find USB much better and also more reliable. It doesn't happen too often but every one in a while bluetooth will cut off.
The bluetooth way drains battery and doesnt transfer data as quickly as using the USB. The USB is the more logical way to go. It's as simple as plugging the iPod or Iphone in.
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