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Infiniti has a home run on its hands with the new JX crossover, which is a rethought approach to the same puzzle Acura solved with the MDX, but a new recall is proving the car isn’t perfect.

To be fair, it isn’t justifiable to string a car, or its manufacturer up over small defects that will be fixed for free, but in this case the owners who discover the flaw by themselves might not feel so forgiving. According to Transport Canada, the fuel gauge might read too high on 1,116 JX35 crossovers.

Needless to say, that could lead to anything from being stuck in line at a McDonald’s Drive Thru to the vehicle shutting down unexpectedly on the highway.

Expect the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to post a similar recall soon.

More: Infiniti JX35 Recalled for Inaccurate Fuel Gauge on
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