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F1 fans might like this or not but Infiniti will be selling an Infiniti FX car wrap as seen in the picture below. So if you cant afford the Sebastian Vettel edition Infiniti, you can still show off your love for F1 racing with the cool FX wrap!

Lots of automakers participate in F1 racing: Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Lotus, Renault... and not so long ago, BMW, Honda and Toyota were in on the action, too. But while these companies have made their own cars, engines and even fielded their own teams in the top motorsport discipline, Infiniti's participation has been a little more removed.

Nissan's luxury division, as you may well be aware, is one of the top sponsors of the current reigning championship team Red Bull. But without actually building or powering Sebastian Vettel's car, Infiniti has been on a constant search for ways to capitalize on its partnership. That could soon amount to a Red Bull-tweaked line of performance models, and has already lead to a Sebastian Vettel edition FX. But for those who can't stretch that far, Infiniti has announced – drum-roll, please – a vinyl wrap.

The celebratory livery is available at an as-yet undisclosed price to current FX owners, but for the "lucky" ten customers who buy an FX now in the UK and win a tour of the factory, it could be theirs for free. We'd be glad to take the tour, but we'll leave the wrap off our luxury crossovers, thank you very much.

Press Release:

- Celebrating the crowning of Infiniti FX driver, Sebastian Vettel, as double Formula One World champion.
- Order an Infiniti FX and receive a money-can't-buy, backstage tour of Red Bull Racing's UK factory.
- Just 10 places available for UK customers.
- Available Red Bull Racing graphic wrap tailored to fit the FX.

Rolle, Switzerland (8 November, 2011) – Infiniti is offering a rare chance to get behind the scenes at the Red Bull Racing factory as the luxury performance automotive brand from Japan celebrates the crowning of one of its most famous, and now fastest owners, Sebastian Vettel as double Formula One World Champion. And for the true enthusiast and FX owner, Infiniti has introduced a specially commissioned wrap for the car inspired by the Red Bull Racing livery.

The Infiniti FX World Champion Experience will be offered to just 10 UK customers who order an FX. This unique opportunity applies to any one of the nine strong range of diesel and petrol engined performance crossovers – not just Sebastian's FX of choice which is, inevitably, the 390PS FX50S Premium.

These 10 lucky people will be invited to Red Bull Racing's HQ in Milton Keynes, UK, early next year where a member of the team will take them on a behind-the-scenes tour unavailable to the public. For motorsport fans, it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. January will be a great time to visit, too, because Red Bull Racing will be in full preparation for the 2012 Season. Infiniti's chosen customers will see the car-making in action throughout the three main areas of the factory: design, production and assembly. Lunch will be served from the 'race space balcony' giving the ultimate view of the factory floor. And at the end of their special day, each customer will be given a genuine piece of a Red Bull Racing car to take home.

This is a money-can't-buy experience. However the Infiniti FX, priced from £46,750, is available to order now through any of Infiniti's six UK Centres. The Red Bull Racing FX wrap is available as a no cost option to any World Champion Experience participants. Current FX owners can give their car the Red Bull Racing treatment, too. For fitted costs, they should contact their nearest Infiniti Centre.
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