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If you Pre-Ordered prior to Feb 29 (Bose Deal)

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To those who preordered prior to Feb 29 and qualified for the Bose Gift:
Have any of you received your Bose gift yet? If so, how long after you took delivery of your JX did it take for your gift to arrive?
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I preordered at one dealer on Feb 29. They told me of delays with my order in early May that my car would not arrive until June. I went and bought one off the lot at a different dealer during the first weekend in May, and I got my original order deposit back. I received the Bose headphones during the first week of June, even though I did not purchase the car I ordered! Now the car I ordered is sitting on the lot of the original dealer for a week or two now.
Think I'm going spend the gift card on the infiniti all-season mats (since no weather techs yet).
You won't get to spend it too quickly because they are on national backorder from Infiniti, according to my dealer. We've had an order in for over 2 weeks already and still waiting. Maybe it's like waiting after ordering the car itself.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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