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Hi everyone, I have a JX35 2013 that I mostly use once in a while during the weekend since this is our 3rd car and is at our cabin most of the time. I mostly use it for fishing expedition and running errants during the weekend. Anyway I did notice lots of humidity in the car this week as it was cold outside (-8C) and everything was frosted. After looking why I found that the entire carpet on the driver side was soaking wet, going up to the middle of under the driver seat. Does not seem to have water on the passenger side or in the back. This being said, serious rust so looks like this has been there for many many months (it does not smell....). I tried to unscrew the seat and one screw is so rusted that I stripped it.

Anyway, there are 2 things I want to verify for my problem:

1) They changed my windshield last fall (12 months ago) - possible this is leaking since then and that would explain the serious rust in there. I am going to the glass dealer next week and they will do a water test.

2) The sunroof drain could be clogged at the end under the dash, or unplugged there. I've cleaned it with air and water seems to be dripping correctly under the car but I'd like to remove the panel to confirm it is correctly connected.

How do I remove this panel? Where should I pull? I can't find any screws but it seems to be stuck on the left side of the fuse box.


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PS: Just bought a new set of catalytic converters - I wish I would have seen the water damage before - might have reconsidered this 2.5K expense....


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