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I'm getting ready to take a trip out east, traveling on the northern route. If you've watched the news this week, the plains states got clobbered with un-season like snow. I've tried to find a set of chains to carry just in case and haven't found any until this week. I checked in with our local Les Schwab tire center and they carry one that fits the JX's 235/55R/20 tires. The service technician didn't recommend using chains on the JX with 20" tires (as is mentioned in the JX owner's manual). My main concern is having a set of chains in the vehicle so that I can get out of a bind. He checked the front wheel access and felt that their brand would work, but really wouldn't recommend it so he checked the rear and felt that there was plenty of clearance and told me that since the vehicle is AWD, the would work. Travel speed should not be over 30 mph.

The service technician told me they've been getting calls every day lately from people that own Lexus, Infiniti, and most of the luxury vehicle manufacturers who have the same issue with limited tire/fender clearance. Many have been purchasing their chains just so they have them.

I've purchased their chains for several of my previous vehicles. I had to use them on my 2006 Nissan Murano AWD one winter to rescue a friend and I have to say bailed my buns out of the fire. I would have been screwed trying to drive where I had to go in 6" of snow.

If you want to see how these chains are applied, check out their web site video. Also, what I like about Les Schwab is that they back all their products and if you purchase chains and don't use them, they will buy them back the following April. I paid $108 for a set. They actually took my 2 year old chains back without a receipt when I sold my Armada.

Also, for those that are experienced winter drivers and know about the down side of putting chains on a car like the JX, please feel free to post your thoughts and warnings. I've heard having ABS on a car might cause a problem but can't find specific details. I just want to know if there is a good reason not to put tire chains on this car, and if putting them only on the rear wheels is an issue.
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