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Emerald Graphite Infiniti JX Picture Thread

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Post Pictures of your Emerald Graphite Infiniti JX
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There is my wife's

We were taking family portraits and snapped few shots of our new family member :cool: Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle
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Thanks! I will. Only have 100 miles on it so far.
Speaking about winter, have you bought winter tires already?
Not yet. I will have to go with 18" rims and tires as there is noting available for 20"
Great fall photo! Looks even better with the Emerald JX in the foreground! Garnet and Emerald were my #1 choices when shopping followed by a close Diamond. I had to have Java or Wheat interior though!

We got the java. Wheat looked great new, but I seen many 3-4 years old cars with light leather... not pretty.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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