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I have a bunch of questions on what the manual says about the various intervention systems. So this question is laden with acronyms. So bear with me :)

Can somebody tell me what the "Dynamic Driver Assistance switch turns on and off"?

From the manual on pg: 5-72 I see the following

The dynamic driver assistance switch is used for the LDP, DCA and BCI systems.

But I believe I read somewhere else that BCI is always on (maybe I am wrong)

* Is there anyway to have BCI always on and enable/disable LDP, BSI, DCA alone using the Driver Assistance Switch?

Also the manual says the following about DCA on the same pg: 5-72

When the DCA system is not necessary, be sure to turn off the dynamic driver assistance
switch. Using the system when it is not necessary may result in an accident.

* Does everyone turn the DCA on only when they need it?
* What if I want to have LDP, BSI and BCI always on and enable DCA on/off as I need it.
I am guessing I will have to go into the menu to do this and can't be done with the Driver assistance switch. Am I right?
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