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The G37 as we have come to know will no longer carry out the "G37" name plate but will now be prompted as the "Q50" for next years newley redesigned "G37" sedan. All sedan, coupe & convertibles will now be known as "Q" with a model series, same goes for all SUV's.

The G37 sedan now becomes the "Q50"
The G37 coupe/conv now becomes the "Q60"
The M sedan now becomes the "Q70"
The rumored full size sedan will be the "Q80"

The EX now becomes the "QX50"
The JX now becomes the "QX60"
The FX now becomes the "QX70"
The QX56 now becomes the "QX80"

Personally I think thier is to much brand loyalty by many Infiniti drivers for the G37 to all of a sudden change its long term established name. Since Mercedes & Infiniti became partners everything has changed, so far a lot of great changes are to come but im not sure about this one.

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