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Hello all,
We have 55K miles on my wife's JX and it has been great so far - only issue has been with a corroded battery terminal as I noticed a few others have experienced from a prior post.

I recently purchased a used Q50 and in some online postings others are concerned about metal shavings from the gears and are proactively changing their rear differential fluid. Got me thinking about my wife's JX as we have never changed differential fluid and the 2013 Infiniti maintenance guide references inspecting it at 60K miles.

Was at the dealer the other day for an oil change and asked about changing the rear diff fluid on the JX35. At first the service advisor said sure, will be $119 and off he went. Came back a few minutes later and said he forgot the JX35 is front wheel drive so no rear diff. Being mechanically challenged I asked if there is a front differential that should have its fluid changed & was told no and also to not worry about the transfer case fluid until at least 90K miles.

Can one of you more mechanically intelligent posters please let me know if the above is correct - no need for me to worry about any differential fluid change on the JX35 and not to worry about the transfer case fluid at this time? Thanks!
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