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Here's what's on our list. Budget is 65,000 (But we really prefer 50,000 lol)
We want a luxury SUV 7 seater Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2.
1.BMW X5- Premium trim. Test drove it, Very impressive.
2.Mercedes ML - Lowest trim. We test drove it, interior wasn't luxurious in our eyes.(we know it doesn't have 7 seats).
3.Audi Q7- Lowest trim. We will test it soon but our main concern is are Audi's still reliable?
4.Infiniti JX- Havn't drove it but expecting great things.
5.Lexus GX- Havn't driven this don't really have any concerns.
Any other suggestions please let my customers know?
Which one is better in your opinion?
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