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I'm reading quite a bit, here at and elsewhere online, that some other dealers are marking up their JX35's OVER the MSRP? That seems crazy to me, just really shortsighted, and if what I'm reading is correct, it's upsetting customers who would rather wait for them to come down in price than pay some exoribitant cost.

Now, I'm not sure if people on this forum are from the U.S, Canada or abroad, but I can say that 417 Infiniti is willing to sell ANY 2013 Infiniti JX35, at MSRP, to anyone, anywhere in Canada - and we'll pay the shipping to get it to you.

We can't offer it below MSRP *because* of the cost of the shipping, but we will eat the shipping cost to make sure that our competitors aren't jamming up Canadian customers with extra margins that are patently unfair to the customer.

Not kidding, no B.S. - one-click purchasing of a new 2013 Infiniti JX35 with no hassle and no dealership stress. Reply here in this post, message us on our website at, email me at [email protected], it all works - if you want hassle free, fair pricing for your JX, let me know and I'll make it happen from 417 Infiniti here in Ottawa, ON.

Pricing and trim details listed here. Our blog is here, with lots of the latest JX stuff. Contact page is here, and our phone number here in Ottawa is (613) 749-9417.
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