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Well, my sales person (total idiot) set me up. Then the finance guy set me up as well. (total idiot) I went to change my e-mail and password and now cannot get in. This fits with the awful problem with my car where I set certain systems to work and each time I turn the car off and turn back on I lose everything I've set up. I set the clock to daylight savings time, eastern time zone. While driving I noticed it was suddenly no longer daylight savings time but added one hour. Reset it again and while drive noticed that it was suddenly adding 2 hours to daylight savings time. All the "safety features" I set disappear and now have to reset each time I turn my car off. Still not able to program blue tooth with my phone. Idiot sales person tried to set it up for me before I drove off and could not. He told me something was wrong with my phone.

Other than these problems, my car runs great.
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