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I have tried the nice Infinti personal assistant feature from the Infiniti connection button. It's nice having to talk to someone. I feel like I'm Michael of Knight Rider with a supposed tactical team supporting me. Much as it's nice I rewusted a destination to be sent for a local bistro restaurant. I knew where it was, but chose to have this searched for me & sent to me. The feature worked well. However, the destination sent was 186 miles from me. Talk about human error.

The audio of the Infiniti connection button sounds like a transistor radio walkie-talkie we used to play with at camp when we were kids. Perhaps intentionally designed to be such to bring out the kid in us? No, I doubt it. That's too sinister. I think it's just bad cellular audio quality.

Having the computer read the latest stock quotes & news is like listening to a female version of Stephen Hawking. R2D2 mode is up next I think.

Infiniti connection is a nice feature. However, further subscribing to this after the trial period is something I have to think about hard. I have survived well with my`09 G37X without this. Maybe, my wife woudl be enabled more with this. I don't know.
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