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Anybody having trouble with Infiniti Connection website?

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Getting a "your secured connection has timed out" with a non-functioning link to close browser and re-login. Just checking to see if it is just me, or a server issue.
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I was able to register but not able to update the driver info on the link. I did send them a message and it didn't go through.

We were also having problems trying to call on the Nav screen. If you didn't know the exact name of the service you wanted, it went to a voice prompt and disconnected. They may be having issues and don't know it.
Much Better

Update: It works great! Today while on the road we decided to go to a restaurant 15 miles away. Rather than pulling off the road or messing with Navigation settings, we used the Infiniti Connection. We gave the name of the place and it took the operator seconds to locate it and asked her to send it to our Navigation unit. Unfortunately we must have hung up too soon and it didn't come through so we hit the icon on the screen and tried again. This time we waited for the voice prompts to see if it would cut us off like it did last week. It worked perfect this time. We told the operator what happened and he pulled up our last call and had all the information from the previous call and shot it to our Navigation unit again. This time it came through in seconds. The operator also sent a text message to my phone as a back up. I have to admit, I think this my favorite feature now next to the Intellegent Cruise Control.

If you haven't tried the Infiniti Connection, try it!
Well, my sales person (total idiot) set me up. Then the finance guy set me up as well. (total idiot) I went to change my e-mail and password and now cannot get in. This fits with the awful problem with my car where I set certain systems to work and each time I turn the car off and turn back on I lose everything I've set up. I set the clock to daylight savings time, eastern time zone. While driving I noticed it was suddenly no longer daylight savings time but added one hour. Reset it again and while drive noticed that it was suddenly adding 2 hours to daylight savings time. All the "safety features" I set disappear and now have to reset each time I turn my car off. Still not able to program blue tooth with my phone. Idiot sales person tried to set it up for me before I drove off and could not. He told me something was wrong with my phone.

Other than these problems, my car runs great.
I have tried the nice Infinti personal assistant feature from the Infiniti connection button. It's nice having to talk to someone. I feel like I'm Michael of Knight Rider with a supposed tactical team supporting me. Much as it's nice I rewusted a destination to be sent for a local bistro restaurant. I knew where it was, but chose to have this searched for me & sent to me. The feature worked well. However, the destination sent was 186 miles from me. Talk about human error.

The audio of the Infiniti connection button sounds like a transistor radio walkie-talkie we used to play with at camp when we were kids. Perhaps intentionally designed to be such to bring out the kid in us? No, I doubt it. That's too sinister. I think it's just bad cellular audio quality.

Having the computer read the latest stock quotes & news is like listening to a female version of Stephen Hawking. R2D2 mode is up next I think.

Infiniti connection is a nice feature. However, further subscribing to this after the trial period is something I have to think about hard. I have survived well with my`09 G37X without this. Maybe, my wife woudl be enabled more with this. I don't know.
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