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Hi All -

In the process of picking up a JX35 this Saturday, which we are very excited about. All in all - it has a ton of option packages (Premium, Touring, Theater, Tow) but there are two features that were tied to the technology package (which makes no sense) that we really wanted:
1) Heated Steering Wheel
2) Remote Start

For #1:
In looking online, I see some posts on eBay for "Wheat" Infiniti Steering Wheels that are reasonably priced, as well as the heated wheel button for the dash. My big question is ... Does anyone know if the necessary wiring is already in the vehicle both behind the dash and in the Steering Column where adding those two items would be plug and play?

For #2: I know I would need both the remote start module as well as different FOBs that have the extra button - but is it possible to find these OEM where they are plug and play - or is there more involved? I installed many an aftermarket remote start years ago and although great, were always a hack job. But - if it's as simple as plugging in the right module and swapping out FOBs, I'll put in the effort to source them from a junker or NOS OEM source online.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can share some insight they may have already learned!
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