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If you’re interested in a luxury sport sedan and are totally obsessed with technology, the Infiniti Q50S Hybrid is a must-see.
Crammed with the very latest in technology and a potent powertrain, the Q50S Hybrid is something to get excited about.

The car can’t drive itself, but it feels darn close sometimes. Witchcraft, you say? Hardly.

It all starts at the steering wheel: the main form of communication between car and driver. Called “Direct Adaptive Steering, the Q50S doesn’t feature a mechanical connection between the front-wheels and the steering wheel in the driver’s hands. By using digital signals the car can be extremely versatile in terms of steering feel and engagement.

Even driving straight down the street, the Q50 feels different; the wheel feels a little bit disconnected, like I’m playing a video game. The road feel is almost gone. Potholes, manhole covers and rail-road tracks don’t send a judder into my palms like a normal steering system would. All that unnecessary white noise on the road that plays into the hands of the driver is gone; resulting is an extremely calm drive. Surprisingly, the car still steers with consistency and predictability but there’s something missing.
Read the full 2014 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid Review at and don't forget to check out the video review as well.
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