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Searching for a luxury SUV that seats seven? If you’ve podded out (or are about to), the 2013 Infiniti JX, recently tested in Charleston, S.C., will haul around your entire family at a supremely competitive price, considering the many extras that come standard.

The JX is big enough to seat seven, provided it’s kids in the third row. With ample rear storage space and the roof rack, there’s more than enough room for most families. No claustrophobia here: The moon roof extending across the canopy enhances a feeling of roominess.

Accessibility Matters
There’s a fascinating automotive principle when it comes to children: the smaller the riders, the more sh-, er, “stuff,” they require. A sliding second row flattens even with booster or baby-seat intact, providing direct access to the third row. If you’re a new parent, test this out before making any decisions. It’s utterly unique.

Safety Matters More
This column reported on Around View, Nissan’s technology that provides a 360-degree view around the car. Far more interesting, however, is the JX’s Backup Collision Intervention (available with the $2,200 Driver Assistance package). Around View shows what’s outside, but not what’s approaching behind obstacles. Who knows what may be lurking around that hedge? It could be child, dog or, in my case, an aging Southern belle gabbing on her cell phone.

My driving partner needed some batteries for his camera, and we were backing out of the Piggly-Wiggly when the JX beeped then overtook control of the accelerator. At pretty much the same time, the Southern ding-a-ling came into my view – I jammed on the brake but the vehicle had already beat me to it.

Luxury Through and Through
Leather seats are standard as are the heated steering wheel, six-speaker sound system, USB, Bluetooth and satellite radio. Not one, not two, but three-zone climate control means won’t have to choose between cooking the kids in the back and heating up the steering wheel in summer. We recommend the Driver Assistance package that includes Backup Collision Intervention. Your neighbour’s kids, dog and maybe the odd distracted Southerner will thank you.

2013 Infiniti JX
Base price: $44,900
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