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Easy-to-access real time traffic and weather information was linked to the navigation system, giving me useful information about my location and destination. I summoned weather forecasts and radar images on the console display.

The owner's smartphone calendar can be synched with the vehicle to make your car your personal assistant, providing appointment alerts and telling the navigation system to lead you there on time.

For teenage drivers, the JX and its internal GPS system can be set to monitor their driving, and send mom and dad a text message whenever speed limits are exceeded or when distance boundaries are crossed.

One technology that surprised me was a view projected on the center console screen of the JX from above, complete with correct exterior color. A real-time overhead view showed what was actually surrounding the car. This was no graphical depiction like I'd seen before to show radar sensor warnings about getting close to an object. Backing out of my driveway, I saw a satellite-like image of the car, the curb, and the trash I'd just set out.
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