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2012 Infiniti JX. The world of SUVs as we shall have seen is currently fashionable among society. Within this sector we find all sorts of vehicles, from the modest to the most luxurious, called Premium. When we think of a premium SUV, one of the first manufacturers that we may come to mind easily is certainly Infiniti.

Exclusive Car has always created and has remained at the head of each sector. This spring has launched the latest model, the so-called Infiniti JX SUVs. The goal is not to be updated with a modern and imposing to continue to keep the bar high and show why it is such a prestigious brand.

The new 2012 Infiniti JX lands in international markets to share site with the other major vehicle manufacturer, model FX, which once we saw the most radical, limited edition signed by Sebastian Vettel. Although, now the "new luxury SUVs" seeks authority to strike, with its elegance and with its great features, like SUVs that that is not all bad. That's why exclusivity is paying a high price, and for this reason it is so rare to find many Infiniti models running on our territory.

Engines and performance
the mechanical aspect is specifically addressed in this occasion, to further improve the services offered by the best Infiniti models to date. One of the highlights is the front-wheel drive is offered with the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. With this, you can enjoy a luxury crossover, without having to opt for high fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The engine chosen for this model is a 3.5 l DOHC V6, mated to a sporty variant (CVT) as seen in more than one occasion. This will provide the desired responsiveness and a fully efficient displacement with good driving feeling.

This engine is achieved with a power of 265 hp acting appropriately standing between 4,400 rpm and 6,400 rpm. Their expenditures are not excessive, since progress used in the mechanical and aerodynamics devised, can keep consumption between 10 l/100km and 12 l/100km. It may seem a bit high, since there are some SUVs that get lower the barrier of 10 l, but we're talking about a premium SUV with a performance of infarction.

We must also highlight the braking system used in this Infiniti JX, has a design of four ventilated disc brakes with antilock (ABS), Electronic Distribution Frenad (EBD) and Brake Assist, to act effectively in the If abuse of the high performance able to offer the vehicle.

The new Infiniti JX is in line with the latest models of the manufacturer, elegant and above all exclusivity. Although of course, has its own character, we can always find the latest models of each house. This time we have chosen the right path, offering a vehicle as a result really appreciable. For this reason also has a high price, not suitable for every pocket. The Range Rover Sport, this time falls short.
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