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Some of these highways look like optical illusions, others are fascinating; none the less, all of these ridiculous roads are place we want to travel to and drive!

Watch: Top Gear searches for the best driving road in the world.

Coming back from a trip through the Rocky Mountains from Kelowna to Vancouver, I remembered the Top Gear Episode (above) and thought about the other roads that would be incredible to drive. Even though my drive was mild, the couple of twisty bits were enough to remember how much fun a car can be.

The interesting parts of infrastructure continues on rallyhaus, we started with the most confusing highway interchanges, now, these ridiculous roads.

Here’s some of the roads on our bucket list after browsing through the photos uploaded to Flickr. In case you haven’t noticed the rallyhaus logo, we like winding roads.

The RV63 Route, Norway

Monument Road, Northern California

Kargil-Leh Road, India
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