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  1. Infiniti JX Appearance and Body
    Have noticed little leak from time to time on driver and passenger side this morning after we had 2.5" rain last night had 1" water in my weather tech floor mat seems to be hitting the emergency brake release 1st the the floor I have searched forums for related questions found none are there...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Just picked up our JX on Thursday as a replacement to our MDX. Ours is white with java interior and has all packages and options. I bought it for the wife as our main family hauler for the 3 kids. She loves it so far. Only issue she has is where to put her change. She used to store it in...
  3. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my horror story with you all and see if you guys could suggest any steps that I need to take. I bought my new JX 35 on May 17, 2013. When picking up the vehicle, I notice the passenger floor mat was a bit damp. The sales rep told me that they had just finished...
  4. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    I bought a new JX 3 weeks ago, and am already off to a disappointing start. This is my first Nissan/Infiniti car and upon delivery the glove compartment was not aligned properly as well as the sunroof. I also was experiencing a lot of wind noise i the cabin even at low speeds of around 40-50...
  5. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone had any issues with their JX sunroof leaking during a car wash? The top of my head has actually been hit by water while in the car wash. I have taken it to the dealer and they have replaced the seal which seemed to work the first couple of washes, but it is now leaking again. Love...
  6. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    This is just a general caution for JX owners with the Panoramic Moon Roof. I ordered my JX and received it about 1 month ago. For the vast majority of the time, I've kept the Panoramic sun shade open, since there hasn't been a lot of reason to close it in Seattle, where our weather is pretty...
  7. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone run into this issue with the front sunroof? It was raining hard today, and I put my hand in the rear side of the sunroof to make sure that I didn't have it tilted. I felt water so I assumed that I must've accidentally left it tilted but, to my surprised, it was fully closed. :mad:
  8. Infiniti JX Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi Woke up this morning to all 4 windows in the down position and the car locked. Anyone know how this can happen? Did not leave them down overnight and my sister verified when she left at 11pm all seemed normal with the car. Any ideas?
1-8 of 10 Results