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    VIDEO: To read the rest of this article, 2015 Audi Q3 Review and to watch the VIDEO that goes with it please visit
    We continue showcasing the best aftermarket wheel brands from CARiD. Today we would like to talk about Niche wheels. The popularity of this brand grows day by day thanks to the modern design and high quality. They offer cast, forged, 2piece and 3 piece rims. Another feature that makes these...
  3. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Just got back from an 1,800+ road trip and overall, zero issues. I'm fairly pleased with the 22.7 mpg average on regular fuel going from Dallas to the Rocky Mountains. During the trip I noticed Cruise Control auto-slows slightly during decently-hard turns, then picks back up after exiting the...
  4. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Hello JX owners, my family and I are looking for a new SUV, we've already nailed it down to the QX60 hybrid and the Volvo XC60. Which one do you guys think is better for a family of 4? I know you really can't compare them, qx60 being a 7 seater and the Volvo being a 5 seater. But while I was...
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    See more photos of the Infiniti Q30 Concept at
  6. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    So I took delivery of a 2014 QX60 black on black 2wd last night, they where aggressively marking down the price for the 2013 JX35. I test drove both and I could feel a difference in acceleration. color combinations and features where not available for what i wanted on the 2013 so I got the 2014...
  7. Off Topic Discussion
    We live in a world of catchy images & jokes… just check out 9gag. This is the best we’ve seen of the car world. Joseph Angelo made a simple pic of the naming strategy for the latest beast from Lamborghini.. After all it does have A Vent and A Door.
  8. Infiniti JX Appearance and Body
    Today I got my windshield chipped TWICE, I have not had it inspected yet. My question is should I replace it or have is "fixed" with polymer? Is factory seal really that important or more insurance sell tactic myth? If I were to replace it should I ask the Dealer or Insurance to recommend who...
61-68 of 70 Results