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    Read more about Win a Trip for 2 to Bimmerfest 2018 California at
  2. Infiniti JX Engine and Technical Discussion
    Has anyone changed their CVT fluid on their JX35? Was there any noticeable performance improvement? I have 60K/5yrs on mine. The dealer says its not necessary yet, and would cost $300-$400 to replace the CVT fluid. I always hear the manufacturer saying transmission fluid does need replacement...
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    i am newbie here! Look for something info about infiniti DIY guide
  4. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Im looking for a lively JX35/QX60 forum and this is disappointing.
  5. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Looking to replace the battery on my wife's JX35. The battery currently installed is a Group 35 battery but every battery finder I've checked shows a Group 24F as the correct battery. The 24F is notably wider than the 35 and I don't think it would even fit. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  6. Infiniti JX Engine and Technical Discussion
    I just wanted to share our experience. Our instrument cluster failed while driving in an ice storm. After researching this problem, we first removed and re-inserted the Extended Storage Switch (located in the interior fuse box). This allowed partial functioning of the instrument cluster. We...
  7. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Mọi chiếc đồng hồ tồn tại ngày nay điều hướng đến tính chính xác. Bỏ đi tất cả những thứ gì định hình trên chiếc đồng hồ hay những biểu hiện về phong cách, thì một cổ máy đồng hồ quan trọng nhất vẫn là tính chính xác. Tìm Hiểu Rõ Hơn Về Tính Chính Xác Của Đồng Hồ Bạn biết gì về sự chính xác...
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  10. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Hello! Just bought a 2013 far, love it! But a few questions for the experts..... 1. When using the iPod integration on Bluetooth on my iPhone 5S, it plays well, but the Display seems to either quit after a certain, but random period of time (song timer freezes or doesn't catch up to the...
  11. Infiniti JX Appearance and Body
    Hey Guys! Infiniti JX 2013 is one of the hottest vehicles in the segment. Romik released sharp steps to give more aggressive look to your Infiniti. To see prices and other necessary details follow this link: Choose between polished stainless...
  12. Infiniti JX Classified Forum
    I have a full set of Graphite all weather mats for sale. I replaced them with wheat colored all weather.
  13. Infiniti JX Classified Forum
    See ebay listing 281143514642. These were taken off my wife's 1 month old JX after 1000 miles. Let me know if you are interested. Include center caps but not TPMS sensors. Like-new condition. Thanks... Dan
  14. Infiniti JX Classified Forum
    here's some stuff that im selling on ebay, if somebody is interested. thanks
  15. Infiniti JX Classified Forum
  16. Infiniti JX Classified Forum
    Just wanted to let everyone know that I am selling my cargo cover on eBay. Starting Bid is $0.99....Should be a pretty good deal for someone that needs it. It is new and comes with the OEM storage case. Here is the link...
  17. Infiniti JX Classified Forum
    Fresh out of our new JX are my wheat mats for sale. Never used as we bought the all weather mats and threw those in immediately. $95.00 bucks and this includes the front and middle row. Located in Dallas and I will ship! airlaird
  18. Infiniti JX Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    18 Inch Wheel 20 Inch Wheel...