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  1. New Member Introductions
    i'm Bo 28 old ,I'm a motor mechanic, and I like working in the garage I want to learn more in this forum
  2. New Member Introductions
    i'm shawn 28 old ,I'm a motor mechanic, and I like working in the garage I want to learn more in this forum
    Your garage could be many things for you. It is a great place that keeps your cars, bike and lots of other stuff safe. We store everything you need to equip your garage well and get your projects raised and safely supported. Working on your ride is pleasure and fun, however, sometimes this...
  4. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    I'm sure many original owners or those that lease their JX have a few miles on their car. I'm curious to see what those with higher milage on the car have experienced. I'm at 32,000 virtually trouble free miles. I don't have any rattles (other than very minor dash noise while on rough...
    Hi folks! In anticipation of the holiday season, we are ramping up our products and deals! We’ve expanded our existing departments and also added all new product lines to make sure CARiD has everything you need for an automotive-lover’s holiday. Read on for details. I. Special Offer: Audio...
  6. Infiniti JX Appearance and Body
    Keeping a car outside all the time often result in unpleasant things like color occasional scratches, color fade and simple dust/dirt layer or bird drops. If you would like to forget about such problems, or at least minimize them - a car cover will do the job. Even if you have a comfy garage to...
  7. Infiniti JX Classified Forum
    Please Email with Any Questions prior to bidding [email protected] or call 718-288-4391. Car must be picked up in Brooklyn NY or CT. You can view the car prior to bidding by appt. The car has every available option. 2013 Infiniti JX35 AWD in Brooklyn NY 11224...
  8. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone had experience with the windshield washer freezing or is it broken? The reason why I think it's broken is that I've been driving for over an hour now with the heater on defrost and it still doesn't work. I figured that the engine would have melted things already if they were frozen...
  9. Infiniti JX Appearance and Body
    I purchased my 2013 JX35 in April of this year and have noticed rust on the hatch. The JX has 26000 km on it. The rust is around the chrome below the rear license plate. Has anyone else seen similar issues?:(
  10. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Does anyone have any tips on cleaning and caring for the leather interior? What products do you use to clean and treat the leather? Also do you treat the leather on doors and dash the same as seats? Thanks
1-10 of 76 Results