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    So would you guys pay $155 000 for the Sebastian Vettel Edition Infiniti JX? I know I wouldn't
  2. Off Topic Discussion
    Now that the Sebastian Vettel edition Infiniti FX is confirmed for production, we just could expect to see performance model Infiniti's sometime in the future just like how BMW has the M-series.
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    An update on the Infiniti F1 racing team: INFINITI TO DEEPEN PARTNERSHIP WITH RED BULL RACING Japanese luxury car brand to expand program for 2012 Formula One Season Yeongam, Korea (17th October 2011) – Infiniti, the luxury automotive brand from Japan, today announced it will expand its...
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    If you saw the Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel concept pictures and wondering how this project started, the video below explains how it started and how Sebastian Vettel inspired Infiniti to create the concept. Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel concept pictures -...
1-4 of 6 Results