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    For the rest of this story, Everything You Need to Know About Infiniti’s New 3.0-Liter Twin-Turbo V6 please visit
  2. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum I got my wife an Infiniti G37 because she really liked it and still loves it. I ride it in sometimes not a lot but from what I tell its just a car. The acceleration is better in it is better than my brothers crap Acura TL and feels and sounds better than an Acura. But I saw this new...
    If you are buying new rims or tires for your car - don't forget about the TPMS sensors. A lot of modern vehicles are equipped with these little devices that make our life easier, so it is needed to maintain and replace them when necessary. Aftermarket TPMS sensors are often many times...
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    Which car is more reliable from an Audi Q5 or the new Infiniti JX? 2015 Latest Version Launch X431 Diagun Full Set OBD2 Diagnostic Tool +3 Year WRT 2015 Latest version! Multi-Language Software for your option! 100% New! High Quality! Shipping 4-8 working days to Worldwide! FREE Lifetime Update...
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    For all of this story, Luxury Cars That Don’t Need Premium Gas please head on over to
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    VIDEO: To read the rest of this article, 2015 Audi Q3 Review and to watch the VIDEO that goes with it please visit
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    My JX AWD was in the shop to fix a rear-hatch rattle for two weeks. To cover the downtime, my dealership provided a white outside/black inside base 2014 QX60 loaner with nearly 14K miles. Throughout the two weeks I covered nearly 1,000 miles and spent nearly 24-hours behind the wheel. Over...
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    Just got back from an 1,800+ road trip and overall, zero issues. I'm fairly pleased with the 22.7 mpg average on regular fuel going from Dallas to the Rocky Mountains. During the trip I noticed Cruise Control auto-slows slightly during decently-hard turns, then picks back up after exiting the...
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    So I did a little test during my 220-mile drive from Indianapolis to Mansfield Ohio last weekend. Let me lay down some stats and observations. You be the judge on which makes more sense. Route: I-70 and I-71 Traffic: I felt that the traffic on both driving days was the same. There was no...
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    Does anyone know how to disable this annoying warning?
  11. New Member Introductions
    Already finding fixes for minor issues. Just bought JX35. Lift gate immediately closes upon opening . I found a potential fix in the forum. Interesting debate on premium vs. low octane fuel.
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    We just completed an 8500 mile round trip from Washington state to the east coast and I wanted to take this moment to share with you how the car performed. Our car was fully loaded including a loaded Yakima SkyBox. We planned our fuel stops around Costco and Sam's Club fuel stations. We...
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    Just hit 2500 on my 2013 JX.The truck has started to ride a little rough and choppy compared to the initial smooth ride.Any ideas ?
  14. Off Topic Discussion breaks down what alternate fuel car is perfect for which drivers. Should you buy a diesel, hybrid or electric car?
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    This video may explain the better gas milage on the new QX60. The older JX has 6 manual modes and the QX60 has 7 manual modes. Here is the link to the video:
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    I live in the Richmond area and my husband and I purchased our JX in early May 2013. I chose the Midnight Garnet color because we are Virginia Tech alums and maroon is one of our school colors. I have owned three minivans before the JX and I knew I would miss the cargo space the vans offered...
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    So I took delivery of a 2014 QX60 black on black 2wd last night, they where aggressively marking down the price for the 2013 JX35. I test drove both and I could feel a difference in acceleration. color combinations and features where not available for what i wanted on the 2013 so I got the 2014...
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    I read from the manual that the Tank is 19.5 Gallons / 73 Litres .. I am just curious at what point the Low fuel Indicator comes up ?
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    Excited for the launch of the 2014 Infiniti Q50? We at are, so we wrote up this preview of the car, and look back at the past Infiniti sport sedans.
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    Stopped by my local Infiniti dealer and they had 3 2014 QX60's in the back lot. The passenger door was open so I peeked inside and, for the most part, things look identical to the JX. Some things that I noticed: Plastic trim at the foot of the doors has shrunk in size. Leather seemed a bit...