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    For the rest of this story, Everything You Need to Know About Infiniti’s New 3.0-Liter Twin-Turbo V6 please visit
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    Which car is more reliable from an Audi Q5 or the new Infiniti JX? 2015 Latest Version Launch X431 Diagun Full Set OBD2 Diagnostic Tool +3 Year WRT 2015 Latest version! Multi-Language Software for your option! 100% New! High Quality! Shipping 4-8 working days to Worldwide! FREE Lifetime Update...
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    VIDEO: To read the rest of this article, 2015 Audi Q3 Review and to watch the VIDEO that goes with it please visit
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    hi everyone! just a little intro. from Hawaii and just picked up a jx in black obsidian couple weeks ago. I was in the market for an SUV and decided to go with the jx. love the looks and comfort this thing provides. looking forward to browsing through these forums and see all of your rides.
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    This video may explain the better gas milage on the new QX60. The older JX has 6 manual modes and the QX60 has 7 manual modes. Here is the link to the video:
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    I live in the Richmond area and my husband and I purchased our JX in early May 2013. I chose the Midnight Garnet color because we are Virginia Tech alums and maroon is one of our school colors. I have owned three minivans before the JX and I knew I would miss the cargo space the vans offered...
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    Excited for the launch of the 2014 Infiniti Q50? We at are, so we wrote up this preview of the car, and look back at the past Infiniti sport sedans.
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    Stopped by my local Infiniti dealer and they had 3 2014 QX60's in the back lot. The passenger door was open so I peeked inside and, for the most part, things look identical to the JX. Some things that I noticed: Plastic trim at the foot of the doors has shrunk in size. Leather seemed a bit...
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    Infiniti has announced official pricing on its new 2014 Q50 sedan, which will start from $36,700 excluding a $905 destination and handling fee. Ten models in total are being offered for the 2014 Q50, with four hybrid variants available. The Q50 AWD will run $38,500 while the Q50 Premium will...
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    What do you think of the new look? Love it? Leave it? Same old? Read the complete 2014 Acura MDX Review at
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    For our full review of the 2014 Lexus IS 250 visit
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    What do you think?
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    The Infiniti JX seats seven and features second-row seats that tilt and slide nearly 6 inches forward and back, offering lots of legroom and making third-row access easy. Choices for the JX35 include a Premium package, which features driver seat memory and power lumbar, a 360-degree parking...
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    Infiniti will unveil an all new crossover model at the New York International Auto Show in just a few weeks, expanding its hybrid range and continuing its new naming strategy. Called the QX60 Hybrid, the QX was launched as the JX in 2012 but gets a name change for 2014, as do all new Infiniti...
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    At the upcoming New York Auto Show that takes place in the Big Apple from March 27 through Sunday April 7, Infiniti will unveil the 2014 model year JX crossover, which adopts the brand's new nomenclature and will be known from now on as the QX60 premium crossover, while also gaining a new hybrid...
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    Fuel Economy Vs Distance to Empty... So far have not been able to figure out how the JX calculates the fuel economy and miles before empty. I had just topped up the gas and reached home. The "miles before empty" showed 295 miles where the fuel economy was close to 22 MPG. With a full tank it...
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    Here's my review of my JX... I posted the good and bad things. The absolute WORST part of this car is the stupid changing of the menus (options are grayed out) when the car is moving.... AS IF!!!
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    I've had my beloved JX35 for 3-4 months now and it's awesome! Except...what's with the gas mileage? I'm getting 15mpg--not even close to the 18-21 that was promised. It's a little better with highway-only driving, of course, but not by that much. I drive around town in my suburban community...
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    I average is 17.5 l per 100 Kms with about 420 Kms per tank. This seems absurd after 2500 Kms but dealer thinks it is normal. Really... This is rediculous what happened to the 11 and a half city quoted. Dealer also suggested te engine needs to brake in at 12000 Kms!
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    2013 Infiniti JX Brand-new seven-passenger crossover is packed with technology, either standard or available by Jim Flammang Reviews - 2012 - Cynics might wonder if the auto marketplace really needs another crossover. A premium luxury seven-passenger model, at that. Obviously...