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    my customers is in the market for a brand/almost brand new or really old luxury utility vehicle. Something like a brand new or anciently old Mercedes G or a brand new or anciently old Toyota Land Cruiser MS908P. My customers do NOT want any car by Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat (Fiat doesn't sell...
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    For the rest of this story, Everything You Need to Know About Infiniti’s New 3.0-Liter Twin-Turbo V6 please visit
  3. Infiniti JX Engine and Technical Discussion
    BE REALLY CAREFULL WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR CAR FOR SERVICE AT THE DEALER... The transmission in my 2013 JX35 just stopped working (!) on the road Friday evening almost 3 weeks ago, so the car was towed to that dealership on Saturday. Monday they said they didn't look into that yet, Tuesday they said...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I Just negotiated a deal on a 2013 JX35, lightly used (9800 miles), looks like brand new with clean record and lifetime power train warranty, in Buffalo NY: 3000 down and 725 a month for 60 months term. Is it considered a good deal ??
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    Hello all, Im looking to sell my 2013 JX35 diamond slate Graphite Leather all packages except Tech. It also includes rails, SS bumper tailgate guard, wheel locks,cargo package and light up door sills. I have also updated all bulbs to LED. Great Price @ $40,500 car sticker was over $54k my loss...
  6. Infiniti JX Appearance and Body
    I purchased my 2013 JX35 in April of this year and have noticed rust on the hatch. The JX has 26000 km on it. The rust is around the chrome below the rear license plate. Has anyone else seen similar issues?:(
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    Since it looks like my JX is going in for the heated steering wheel problem, I might as well bring up another issue. When I start my car, there is a nauseating sour smell that blows from the vents for about 1-2 minutes. It doesn't happen every time, but it is pretty consistent. The smell is...
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    Installed Thule Sonic XL 635B After searching here, I hadn't seen any pictures of this model so thought I'd post some for people who are interested. Even though I had never had to install a cargo box before it was fairly easy, and from this point on, it will be extremely easy. After...
  9. Infiniti JX Engine and Technical Discussion
    So, I'm brand new to a push button start car, and I can't figure out how to turn on the car without starting the engine. I want to play around with the radio, nav, etc, but don't need the engine running to do that. Whaddup?
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    Hey gang, I worked with CravenSpeed to come up with a Tow Hook License Plate adapter for the JX35. This is really so that I didn't have to drill the front bumper and still be in compliance with the state laws. The second picture is almost what it looks like w/o the plate. The attachment...
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    So anyone got JX since 2013 Mar/April in Ontario ? Reading the forum for a while now. Typically the latest built batches should fix most of the earlier reported issues.. Just want to know if you guys are experiencing any issues (brakes, roof leaks, ) reported on earlier threads ..
  12. Infiniti JX General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my horror story with you all and see if you guys could suggest any steps that I need to take. I bought my new JX 35 on May 17, 2013. When picking up the vehicle, I notice the passenger floor mat was a bit damp. The sales rep told me that they had just finished...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone....Nice to meet all of you......Just picked up our new JX on Saturday, Black Obsidian/Java Interior, Premium Package, Theater Package (for the kids) and the Driver Assistance Package, along with roof rails and crossbars. So far we are loving the ride and learning about all the...
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    I cant decide if this is the CVT or a problem with the engine. When I accelerate, like while it is shifting gears, you can feel it slightly jolting as it is shifting, as if my car were a stick shift. Is this normal? It's an automatic...
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    This is just a general caution for JX owners with the Panoramic Moon Roof. I ordered my JX and received it about 1 month ago. For the vast majority of the time, I've kept the Panoramic sun shade open, since there hasn't been a lot of reason to close it in Seattle, where our weather is pretty...
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    Post Pictures of your Emerald Graphite Infiniti JX