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    Navigation POI search using voice command

    Does anyone know if we can search for a specific navigation POI (like search for McDonald's) using voice command? When using voice command search for Places, it only shows you the nearest POI in a particular category, but doesn't let you search for a specific place (like a restaurant name). I saw other navigation systems can do that with voice a few years ago (like you can say "McDonald's" and it shows you all the McDonald's nearby), is the Infiniti navigation system voice command capable of doing that?

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    As far as I can tell, no. You have somewhat limited search options when using voice commands.

    But you know about Infiniti Connection and your Infiniti Personal Assistant, right? This is the perfect use for them. "Find me the nearest Five Guys Burgers", "Find me the nearest Golden Arches", "Find me the nearest In n Out Burger", "Find me the cheapest gas in the NEXT 30 miles that is w/in 1/4 mile of a freeway exit". All of those are totally legit things to ask your IPA when you call through IC. They know where you are and they're excellent at that stuff (I use the In n Out Burger search as a demo on almost every test drive).

    Also, if the car is stopped, you can search POI's by name and sort by distance. I just don't think you can do that while driving with voice commands.

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    I remember when I was doing a test drive a while back, the car salesman was trying to demo the voice command by searching for a nearby Costco, but it didn't work. At the time I just thought maybe there wasn't any Costco around, but it also lead me to believe that you can search for specific POI using voice command. I guess the salesman didn't know what he was doing and didn't know the voice command can't do that?

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    That'll teach the salesperson to try out something he's never used/done before when in front of a customer. I try to always steer the demonstration to something the car can actually do, rather than leave myself looking dumb. For example, searching for the nearest In n Out burger using the POI database in the car is a crapshoot. How did they spell In n Out (In-n-Out, In 'n Out, etc) when they input the data? How recent is the data (they build In n Outs all the time)? You get the idea. This is the joy of using Infiniti Connection and your Infiniti Personal Assistant, they're smart and can search the latest info. Heck, when doing the gas price search one time, they even knew to ask me if I was a Costco member since that was the cheapest.

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    A agree with Sinecure, use the Infiniti Connection. Case in point. Last week I needed to take our friends to the Port of Seattle and there wasn't an address for the cruise line. I took a stab at one of the menu items that came up under transportation and plugged it in. Found out as I was arriving at the destination that I was way off. Duhh! Called Infiniti Personal Assistant and gave them the name of the cruise line and she found it right away and downloaded it. With all the construction in the Seattle area around the Big Dig, it really made a difference. You've paid for a luxury car, you might as well use their services.

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