Keep talcum powder or cornmeal handy. When you are wearing your boots, be sure to slip a small package of cornmeal or talcum in your bag. This could be a zip-lock bag or very small Tupperware container. In the event that any type of liquid is spilled on the boots, pat the area dry with a clean cloth, and immediately apply a layer of the meal or talcum powder. Allow the product to set overnight, and then use a suede brush to gently remove the dried powder.
In fairy tales and children’s stories it seems as though authors are seriously in tune with the Laws of Attraction. How many stories ask children to just close their eyes, focus on what they want and believe – take Peter Pan for instance, the children believed they could fly—and they did. Somewhere between the tender age of preschool and adulthood, the seemingly childish power of focus and faith in simply believing in what is wanted to make it a reality is abandoned for more practical adult habits. But at what cost? Instead, adults toil laboriously towards assorted goals with mixed outcomes, when the lost art of focus is all that is required.
Be considerate of practicing Muslims. People will be abstaining from all food and water from dawn to dusk each day, and they will be actively trying to resist worldly temptations. If someone is trying to abstain from a certain habit or practice, avoid doing that thing in front of them. At best, you will offend the locals - and at worst, you may find yourself in trouble with the police. Be modest and respectful, and do your best to keep the peace.
6)** The sticky subject of rent. Often when an adult child moves home it’s because they can’t support themselves financially. This doesn’t get them off the hook however. Make arrangements for them to contribute to the household income, instead of the expenses. Would they be interested in buying the groceries, or paying the internet/cable bill instead of paying rent? If they don’t have a job or other source of income, what about contributing by taking care of various household tasks like making the meals or shovelling the driveway. This will let your child feel like a contributing member of the household and not just a boarder.